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Hybrid Teams

Our Hybrid Teams are a little different to the full and part time options, as in this incarnation the team is shared by up to five different clients. There is a high likelihood that your brand is in stores alongside other, non-competing brands, IE you may be a board game provider who would be happy to pair up with a video games publisher for example.

The more clients that we can bring on board, the more the price is reduced for everyone and very quickly you have a team that can do everything our other teams do but for a fraction of the cost. We believe these teams are a really good option for clients who want this type of service, but don’t have the budget to have their own dedicated solution. We are always trying to give options to everyone, and believe Hybrid Teams has the potential to help out lots of clients.

Your full 360 degree suite of services is available in one all encompassing solution. To change the game completely, speak to us today about a Hybrid Field Team.

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