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Product Sampling

With food and drink such an important aspect of every day life, how do you differentiate between your goods and a competitors? By employing a taste testing team, we can literally put your product in the mouths of the consumer and help convert those all important sales.

Like a demonstration, a product sampler is for the food and drink industry where a product can be ingested and tasted, leading to an on the day purchase.

Lots of brands engage with this activity if they are launching a new drink or snack and want feedback, and to gain a foothold with people in store.

Mainly in grocers, product sampling is usually performed as a longer term focus rather than trying to gain big day one sales and those taste tests are there to give consumers a flavour of something new or something they may not have tried before. And if they like it enough, it soon becomes part of their weekly shop and that is what we want to help achieve alongside our brands.

Our product focus suite of services are built to help you gain those extra sales that make your product the one people buy over your competition. Work with Splatter to get your product into the hands of the most important people - your customers.

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