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Pop Up Stores

A pop-up shop, also referred to as flash retailing, is a trend where a brand randomly opens a sales space for a short amount of time before closing it down. The idea of this tactic is to generate interest, create a sense of urgency, and get people to come pays your business a visit for a fun, limited time event. The pop-ups are usually themed, feature exclusive giveaway or product, and are entirely unique and memorable.

As a strategy, pop-up shops are tapping into something that’s been missing from marketing for a long time – connection. You’re out there on the frontlines interacting with your target audience, and in a world where our only connection is behind a screen, that can’t be undervalued. Think of pop-up shops like having your cake and eating it, too. Not only are you creating a personalized, interactive experience, but you’re also going to get a ton of social media exposure from the deal, which matters as 33% of customers use these platforms to learn about new brands. It’s combining the best of offline and online marketing!

To see how we can gain you additional sales through destination stores and pop up shops, speak to us today and discover the how this could be the key beat you've been missing.

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