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What is an experiential event? An experiential event should seek to immerse people in an experience as it is not an event that they simply visit and observe, it should be experienced and felt. It might be allowing customers to try out a new product within a pop-up store environment or inviting them to step inside their favourite video game, the options are endless.

Here at Splatter we can help you to plan your next experiential event. The first things to consider are what you want to achieve from the event and who your target audience will be. Experiential marketing is all about involving the audience in your event, so they are not simply observers but participants, so understanding your audience is key to producing an effective experiential campaign.

Events play such a huge role in every day lives as brands compete to gain customers attention. Bespoke events, pop up stores and retail theatre have become an essential part of the marketing mix. Get in touch with Splatter so we can show you how we can elevate your product above the competition.

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