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Bringing your products to life since 2010

We are splatter

Making the difference since 2010 in the field marketing arena.

By working closely with all of our partners, we ensure that we understand what they require so we can execute all activities with the utmost knowledge so we give back the best possible results.

Regular communication with our contracted clients as well as ad hoc partners so we forge a lasting relationship that is designed so we become a genuine extension to their business.

Splatter group logo

We have have worked with some of the worlds biggest brands for over 10 years.

Here at Splatter we pride ourselves on being the employer of choice for staff. With a very friendly and professional head office team we always make sure new and existing staff are treated with the respect they deserve and try to make working with us a pleasure rather than just a job.

With our operations department, you can be sure that we will know who you are and that you will always get a friendly voice at the end of the line when you call the office. We reward loyalty and hard work and go out of our way for staff who do a good job for us.

We employ hundreds of staff regularly on a tactical ad-hoc basis. We also employ staff on full time contracts to work on some of our full time activities as well as our part time micro teams. We want to attract new staff but we also want to retain and develop those who already work for us. By providing training per job we hope to ensure the development of staff throughout their employment, and many staff that have started with us by doing a few hours a week, have finally ended up in full time positions with us and even directly with the client. This is something we are very proud of as it shows we are doing our job well and that our staff are reaping the benefits.

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