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Splatter are one of the UK’s leading Field Marketing and Experiential agencies. Specialising in FMCG and Technology, some of the worlds leading brands put their trust into our hands. In turn, we put that trust into consumers hands with increased training and sales.

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Step 1


During our first meeting or call, we will go over the key concept for what your project entails, what metrics you wish to have measured and ensuring there is a budget that we can all work to. Once we have agreed this, we will then visualise the project and produce you a presentation and quote based on your requirements for you to digest internally and that can be shared to your stakeholders if necessary. Once everyone is happy and the project is agreed, we then move onto Step 2.

Splatter group workflow Concept stage
Step 2


We now start to profile, interview and finally book the right people for your project. As projects are so varied and with so many different areas of staff expertise on offer, it is really important to ensure that the people conducting activity on your behalf have the right profile. For example, there can be a difference between an event manager to a store merchandisers, and therefore we ensure we are using the correct people with the right credentials. You can rest assured that we strive to ensure a seamless transition between concept to booking.

Splatter group workflow CHOOSING THE RIGHT TEAM stage
Step 3


Once we have agreed on the team and the personnel to deliver the right results, we then set up the our systems so that we can provide live reporting throughout your campaign, dedicated to you 24/7. By logging into our Connect portal with your unique logins, you will have your own reporting site that will allow you to see everything from your team, the setup of the project and key information that you can view and download at any time.

Splatter group workflow SETTING UP THE PROJECT stage
Step 4


Now we are live, your online reporting now really kicks in. Our teams have devices on site at all times and so any data collected and images taken are uploaded instantly, and are available for you to view immediately. This allows you to see how your project is developing minute by minute, hour by hour, giving you critical information that will help you to react to the results you are seeing live. This can make a huge difference to the success and failure of a project and is a key point in our offering. Of course, we will also be managing and monitoring the campaign so that if you haven’t the time to view the portal, we will be there in case we need to let you know of any important information.

Splatter group workflow CAMPAIGN LIVE stage
Step 5


Once the campaign has completed, your results will be available to access as you please on the portal where you can download data and images and see how the project fared. We also add to this by producing a campaign summary that is sent to your Inbox that you can share with your colleagues and stakeholders.

Splatter group workflow CAMPAIGN COMPLETION stage
Splatter group workflow Concept stage
Splatter group workflow CHOOSING THE RIGHT TEAM stage
Splatter group workflow SETTING UP THE PROJECT stage
Splatter group workflow CAMPAIGN LIVE stage
Splatter group workflow CAMPAIGN COMPLETION stage

Whilst we follow the above, we are flexible in working to what you need. Our outline of services are here to guide you as to what you can do and what is possible when working with Splatter. However, Splatter has always been agile and we love to hear of new ideas that we can assist with so don’t be afraid to go bespoke - we love that!

What we do

Case studies

Beats by Dr Dre Team

Our Beats by Dre field training team visit stores across the UK and France, working with re-sellers to ensure they are trained and educated on all things Beats.


Audits /

With every major launch from Call of Duty to Crash Bandicoot, Splatter visit hundreds of retailers on launch to check on stock, POS and placement of marketing to ensure compliance for the all important Day One

Co Op Merchandising

Visiting over 300 Co Op stores each month, Splatter install all POS for major brands such as Heineken, Budweiser and Cadbury to name a few, ensuring no less than 90% installation rate across the estate.

Bud Light Sampling

Merchandising /

Bud Light required an agency to help promote the launch of Bud Light in convenience stores across the UK. By handing out mini cans of Bud Light, the results spoke for themselves!

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Activision Blizzard
Beats by Dr Dre
Co Op

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